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Pharma Grade Ethanol

PRO INDUSTRIES offers Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol, a high-purity solvent rigorously tested to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This product adheres to the strictest international standards, including those set forth by the US, EU, British, and Japanese pharmacopoeias.

Our Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol plays a critical role in various pharmaceutical applications. Its exceptional purity makes it an ideal solvent for a wide range of liquid medications, such as syrups, solutions, and suspensions. This versatility extends to the extraction of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from natural sources, ensuring the consistent potency and efficacy of these essential components.

Beyond its role as a solvent, PRO INDUSTRIES Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol serves as a trusted disinfectant. It is a key ingredient in surgical spirits, solutions crucial for maintaining sterile environments within both manufacturing facilities and hospitals. This helps safeguard the production process and maintaining hygienic conditions critical for safe medical practices.

By choosing PRO INDUSTRIES Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol, you can be confident that you are receiving a product formulated to meet the most stringent quality requirements. Our unwavering commitment ensures you have the tools necessary to deliver safe and effective medications, while upholding a sterile environment throughout the production process.

Contact PRO INDUSTRIES today to learn more about how Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol can elevate your operations.

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