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About Us

Welcome to PRO INDUSTRIES PTE LTD, Africa's premier state-of-the-art ENA producer. We are the first and only grain-based ENA producer in the East African region. Our cutting-edge plant infrastructure is nearing completion. Our high-quality alcohol products are poised for distribution in Asian, European, and African markets.At our facility, we utilize groundbreaking technology that enables us to recycle 100% of waste, ensuring zero Liquid Discharge and a safe and healthy environment. Discover more about our plant and innovative technology by reaching out to us today!

At Pro Industries

We have a team of highly-seasoned and industrially-trained engineers and professionals. Focused and determined to deliver products that are high in quality and efficiency.

Professional Experts

Develop and offer cost-effective, clean, safe, and reliable solutions to help our clients succeed while also keeping the environment clean as well as waste-free.


Sustainable solutions

We believe in constant technological innovation and improvement, this is to keep up with the latest market needs and changing regulatory requirements.

Latest technology

We stick to our clients throughout the product purchase cycle, from the beginning till the end. Available 24×7 to clear any queries related to our products or services.

24/7 support

25 Years Experience

Our Mission


To create opportunities for the agricultural sector/farmers by processing their resources into more valuable products by employing latest environment friendly technologies & create sustainable eco-system beneficial to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be one of the world’s leading producers of High quality Ethanol Products to be utilized in multitude of Industries by engaging local skills with most compliant environment friendly practices & technologies.

Our Strategies

Our determination and dedication define our strategy, which is to plan and utilize all the latest and most efficient technology along with manpower to achieve our sustainable goals of Ethanol production while also proving to be a game-changer in this sector.

​Our team of expert engineers and professionals constantly work on improving the Ethanol production technology to adhere to changing market and regulations.

Technological Advancement


Innovation Leadership
We lead with innovation, pioneering advanced technology to maintain our status as Africa's premier state-of-the-art ENA producer.
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