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Fusel oil

A Multi-Purpose Industrial Solution


Fusel oil is a unique byproduct obtained during the fermentation process.

It arises under specific conditions: high fermentation temperatures, low pH environments, and limited yeast activity due to low nitrogen content. This versatile product offers a range of industrial applications.



Fusel oil is a complex mixture containing 63% alcohol. Major components include 2-methyl-1-butanol, isobutyl alcohol, and 1-propanol. Each component contributes to the oil's specific properties and functionalities


Primary Function: High-Performance Solvent

Fusel oil excels as a solvent, particularly within the paint-based industry. Its properties allow it to effectively dissolve various paint components, ensuring a smooth and consistent mixture.


Beyond Solvents: Additional Applications

Fusel oil's functionality extends beyond its role as a solvent. Here are some of its notable secondary applications:

Aromatic Extract Production: Fusel oil plays a role in the creation of aromatic extracts, contributing to the development of specific scents and fragrances.

Liquid Fuel: Fusel oil can be processed for use as a liquid fuel source.

Raw Material for Alcohol Extraction: Fusel oil serves as a valuable starting point for the extraction of other alcohols, including amyl acetate and isoamyl alcohol.

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